Emergency Flotation Repair Services


Our Expertise

Our flotation foam installation missions have included damaged and sinking vessels, sometimes even those on fire. We have worked on several hundred vessels which include, but are not limited to, tankers, ferries, commercial floating vessels such as fishing, dredging, towing, oil platforms and drilling rigs.

Response Time

Sabo & Associates is the industry leader in emergency response management. When a disaster strikes every minute that passes becomes exponentially more costly. Our 30+ years of experience have prepared us to assess and manage emergency situations with superior efficiency.


Coast Guard Certified

Our marine foam is in compliance with US COAST GUARD REQUIREMENTS UNDER TITLE 33 CFR. Over the years we have developed our service to provide our clients with the most protection possible. With the backing of Marine engineers and The U.S. Coast Guard Sabo & Associates provides a quality of service that is unmatched in the industry!

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