Spray Foam Barge Repairs

Barge Repairs


Spray Foam Experts

With 30+ years in the marine industry and hundreds of successful flotation repair projects – there is no vessel too big for Sabo and Associates. Spraying 2 lb. floatation polyurethane foam is the leading solution to keep barges and platforms afloat and in production. Our spray foams comply with U.S. Coast Guard requirements under Title 33 CFR. Visit our┬áMarine 101┬ápage for detailed information about Marine Spray Polyurethane Foam.


Customer Savings

Keeping barges in production will save companies and governments millions of dollars. Spraying polyurethane foam correctly into chambers will extend the life of barges and platforms. Beyond the savings, using polyurethane flotation foam is an environmentally friendly solution to a growing number of decommissioned barges in North America.




Careful project planning, collaboration with engineers and deploying superiorly trained spray foam technicians has been a fundamental strategy that has driven hundreds of successful barge repair projects.



Environmentally Conscious

Doing what we can to help save the environment has always been a focus and will remain at the forefront of every aspect of our business.
All of our marine polyurethane spray foams will have as little ozone depletion potential (ODP) and global warming potential (GWP) as possible resulting in low environmental impact. Our foams contain formulations with the highest bio-based content available in North America.

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